Paul G. Munro

I am a political ecologist and historical geographer in the Environmental Humanities Program at the University of New South Wales, Australia. I am also the co-founder of Energy For Opportunity (EFO), an NGO dedicated to the dissemination of renewable energy in the West African region.


In the works

P G Munro, Colonial Roots In African Soil: Imperialism and the Emergence of Forest Conservation in Sierra Leone  [drafted monograph]

P G Munro, The Making of Typhoid Valley: water disease and environmental injustice in colonial suburban Sydney [introduction here ]

Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

L Silva Ontiveros, P G Munro and M Melo Zurita, "Proyectos de Muerte: Energy justice conflicts on Mexico's unconventional gas frontier", The Extractive Industries and Society: early online

M Melo Zurita, P G Munro, and D Houston “Unearthing the Subterranean AnthropoceneArea 50:3 (2018) 298-305

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M Melo Zurita, B Cook, D Thomsen, P G Munro, T Smith and J Gallina, “Living with Disasters: Social Capital for Disaster Governance,” Disasters 42:3 (2018): 471-589

S Samarakoon, A Christiansen, and P G Munro, "Equitable and Quality Education for All of Africa? The Challenges of Using ICT in EducationPerspectives on Global Development and Technology 16:6 (2017): 645-665.

P G Munro,  G van der Horst and S Healy, "Energy Justice for All? Rethinking Sustainable Development Goal 7 through struggles over traditional energy practices in Sierra Leone," Energy Policy 106 (2017):  635-641.

Munro and G van der Horst, “Contesting African Landscape: a critical reappraisal of Sierra Leone's competing forest cover historiesEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space 24:4 (2016): 706-724.

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P G Munro and G van der Horst,  “Breaks with the past: conflict, displacement, resettlement and the evolution of forest socioecologies in Sierra Leone” in J Lahai and T Lyons (eds) African Frontiers: Insurgency, Governance and Peacebuilding in Post-Colonial States, Ashgate Publishing (2015), Chapter 9: 119-130

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G Hiemstra-van der Horst, P G Munro and S P J Batterbury, “Les réseaux illégaux du pillage: La demande globale de bois et la (re)commercialisation des forêts d’Afrique de l’OuestÉcologie & Politique 42 (2011): 47-58.

P G Munro and Greg Hiemstra-van der Horst, “Conserving exploitation? A political ecology of forestry management in Sierra LeoneThe Australasian Review of African Studies 32:1 (2011): 59-72

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P G Munro, “Deforestation: Constructing Problems and Solutions on Sierra Leone's Freetown PeninsulaThe Journal of Political Ecology 16 (2009): 104-124.


K Lai, P G Munro, M Kebbay, A Thoronka, Promoting Renewable Energy Services for Social Development in Sierra Leone: Baseline Data and Energy Sector Research (EU 2015)

A Christiansen, M Kebbay, P G Munro, Lighting, ICTs and Education in the Koinadugu District of Sierra Leone, (IBIS/EFO 2014)

P G Munro and G van der Horst, Solar Powered Water Purification in Kambia, Koinadugu and Bombali Districts, Sierra Leone – Monitoring and Evaluation report (EFO/DFID/WASH 2013).

P G Munro and G van der Horst, The Role of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in Community Livelihoods around the Gola Forest National Park and Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary: Current uses and future possibilities (WHH/EU 2013)

P G Munro and M Kebbay, A Study of Water Access and Health Issues in Sierra Leone’s Bombali, Kambia, and Koinadugu Districts, (EFO/DFID/WASH 2012).

P G Munro and G van der Horst, The Domestic Trade in Timber and Fuelwood Products in Sierra Leone: current dynamics and issues (FLEGT: FAO/EU 2012).

M Kebbay, A Thoronka and P G Munro, Report on the Freetown Peniula’s Fish Smoking Industry (EFO/WHH 2012).

G van der Horst and P G Munro, Land cover assessment of the Kambui Hills North Forest Reserve and its surrounds (Freetown: PAGE 2012).

P G Munro and G van der Horst, The Governance and Trade of Wood-based Products in and around the Kambui Hills North Forest Reserve (Freetown: PAGE 2012).

Conference and Seminar Presentations

M Melo Zurita and P G Munro Exploring, Constructing and Commodifying the Underground: An environmental history of cave diving in the Yucatan Peninsula Environmental History and its Publics, American Society for Environmental History Conference, Seattle, April 2016.

P G Munro, “Hollywood Chimps and Primate Wars: An ethnoprimatological history of wildlife conservation in Sierra Leone” at the Foreign Bodies, Intimate Ecologies Transformations in Environmental History Symposium, Macquarie University, Sydney, February 2016.

P G Munro and G van der Horst, "Institutional Bricolage and Community Forestry: Sifting through the governance of Sierra Leone's Kambui Hills Forest Reserve,  Small-Scale and Community Forestry and the Changing Nature of Forest Landscapes, IUFRO 3.08 International Conference, Sunshine Coast, 11-15 October 2015.

P G Munro, "From a Packet of Seeds to an Exotic Forest: The Socio-ecological History of Gmelina arborea in Sierra Leone" UNSW History Seminar Series, University of New South Wales, 3 March 2015.

P G Munro, “Celebrity Chimps, Monkey Invasions and Primate Wars: The politics of wildlife conservation in Sierra Leone during the 20th century,”  Presented at Africa: Diversity and Development,” the 37th conference of the African Studies Association of Australia and the Pacific, Dunedin: University of Otago, 25-26 November 2014.

P G Munro, “A Critical History of Forest Conservation in Sierra Leone,” Presented at Geography and Environmental Studies Seminars, University of Melbourne, 21 May 2013.

P G Munro, “Charles Lane-Poole’s legacy: The rise and decline of Forest Reservationism in Sierra Leone AFSAAP Conference,” Presented at Africa: People, Places and Spaces,” the 35th conference of the African Studies Association of Australia and the Pacific, Canberra: Australian National University, 26-28 November 2012.

S Willans, A Christiansen and P G Munro, “Emerging Forms of Entrepreneurship: For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Partnerships for the Dissemination of Solar Power into Rural Sub-Saharan Africa,”  Presented at: The 56th Annual ICSB World Conference, Stockholm: Sweden, 15-18 June 2011.

M Melo Zurita and P G Munro, “The Role of Water? Henequen, Chicle and the Caste War on the Yucatan Peninsula; 1800 to 1950,” Paper presented at the Mexico: Revolution, Independence and Beyond Conference 2010, Canberra: Australian National University, 5-6 July 2010.

G Hiemstra-van der Horst and P G Munro “Conserving exploitation? A political ecology of forestry management in Sierra Leone,” Presented at Engaging Africa: Knowledge, Representation, Politics, the 33rd conference of the African Studies Association of Australia and the Pacific, Melbourne: Victoria University, 2-4 December 2010.

P G Munro and Amé Christiansen, “Improving Rural Education in Sierra Leone: the potential role of small-scale solar power and ICT interventions,” Presented at Engaging Africa: Knowledge, Representation, Politics, the 33rd conference of the African Studies Association of Australia and the Pacific, Melbourne: Victoria University, 2-4 December 2010.

P G Munro, “Contested Natures: Colonisation and Forests in Sierra Leone,” The Melbourne School of Land & Environment’s Eighth Annual Graduate Research Conference, Dookie: University of Melbourne, 11-12 November 2010.

Book Reviews

P G Munro, "Global Population: History, Geopolitics and Life of Earth, By Alison BashfordAustralian Journal of Politics and History 61: 3 (2015): 476-478.

P G Munro, “Africa’s Turn?” Progress in Development Studies 11:3 (2011): 260-261.

P G Munro, “A Merciless Place: The Lost Story of Britain's Convict Disaster in Africa and How it Led to the Settlement of Australia” The Australasian Review of African Studies 32:1 (2011): 152-153.

Other Publications

P G Munro, and G van der Horst, “Ebola’s ‘other’ victims: how the outbreak affects those left behindThe Conversation, 13 November 2014

P G Munro and van der Horst, "Managing the Kambui Hills North Forest Reserve (KHNFR): Vague boundaries, ambiguous laws and local level conflicts" Forestry and Protected Areas Brief (PAGE / USAID, 2012): 1

P G Munro  "Editorial - Who is to Blame for Deforestation" Green Actors of West Africa Newsletter, March 2009, 2(1): 4.

P G Munro  "Protected Area Management and Community Development in Tiwia" Africa News, 27 July 2007.

P G Munro  "Tiwai Island and the threat of the Bushmeat Trade in Sierra Leone" Africa News, 21 January 2007.

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