Paul G. Munro

I am a political ecologist and historical geographer in the Environmental Humanities Program at the University of New South Wales, Australia. I am also the co-founder of Energy For Opportunity (EFO), an NGO dedicated to the dissemination of renewable energy in the West African region.

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"Energy Transitions in Africa" - Public Seminar at UNSW in November

Environmental Humanities Public Seminar

Monday 16th November; 6pm to 7pm

Central Lecture Block 6 @UNSW

In 2009 Simon Willans set up Energy For Opportunity (EFO) in Sierra Leone, with no funding, a battery drill, a set of screw drivers, one room in a guest house, and a stubborn vision of how a development charity should operate. Since this time, along with a small team of staff in Sierra Leone, he has managed to transform EFO into the premier renewable organisation in the region, conducting over 200 renewable energy installations (with funding secured for 150 more, to be completed over the next two years). In this seminar, Simon provides an overview of EFO’s work, emphasising how the success of EFO was not so much a question of finding the right kinds of renewable energy technology, but rather by paying critical attention to the societal and governance contexts in which the technology was being situated.

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