Paul G. Munro

I am a political ecologist and historical geographer in the Environmental Humanities Program at the University of New South Wales, Australia. I am also the co-founder of Energy For Opportunity (EFO), an NGO dedicated to the dissemination of renewable energy in the West African region.

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"Go-Ahead" and "Up-To-Date" people in Africa cycle, apparently...

Cleaning up my hard drive last week, I came across these scans of newspaper advertisements. I had found these back in 2013 during my time doing archival research in Sierra Leone. They were published in local newspapers in 1961, just a few years before Sierra Leone's independence from Britain; bike riding is being promoted as a quintessential modern, progress activity. Around this same time (the late-1950s) there was one Sierra Leonean - Willie Aofalabi-Taylor - who famously cycled 18,000 kilometres across parts of West, Central and East Africa; so perhaps he helped to popularise cycling in the region.

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